The Adini story began back in the early seventies and the beginning of bohemian, hippy fashion; when one man started manufacturing in Delhi and sent brightly coloured kaftans, smocked dresses and gypsy blouses to London. A look was created, which was inspired by the colours, vibrancy and craftsmanship of India and fused with the buzz of 70’s London with an eclectic music scene, flares and festival fashion.

A walk down memory lane and a snapshot of iconic images from photo shoots over the years reveals a history of Adini style through four decades. From the heady days of the 70’s, the iconic 80’s, and ups and downs of the 90’s and millennium.

Adini has evolved to be one of the most successful British boutique brands in the UK with 40 years experience in the wholesale market, with an ethos and a creative drive that is as strong today as it was at its inception.

We mix Art and Lifestyle. Our designers are also artists, our prints are all designed, painted and coloured in house, our fabrics are Natural, our Yarns and Textures designed, developed and reinvented. Our passion for Colour comes from our Heritage, our zest for Life and Vibrancy. Our Inspiration comes from the Landscape, Travel, Culture and Love of Women. Honing a fashion fit takes years. It's one of the reasons our style doesn't date or become irrelevant. Far from it, we keep moving forward, continually offering new and innovative ranges.

We want women to enjoy wearing our clothes, love the prints, feel the fabric and move comfortably in the fit.

Our Online division is focused on reaching customers who prefer purchasing via the Internet/Mail Order or who don't have an adequate Adini boutique near enough to is the official ecommerce and wholesale website for Adini.