The privacy and security of Adini customers is of paramount importance to us, and we have designed our systems/procedures to ensure the we have the very best technology to protect all of our valued customers.

Adini uses the very latest encryption technology to protect your vulnerable information during all stages of any transactions.

We use the latest 256-bit SSL encryption when collecting information from a customer. This is much stronger than regular 128-bit SSL encryption used by the vast majority of our competitors. We make use of their SGC ‘Enhance’ technology, which boosts all computers to strong encryption levels, even if they are not natively capable. Therefore none of our customers have to worry about security because of the age of their computer.

We also use SagePay, the UK’s leading independent credit card processor, to carry out all transactions. Your credit card information is never stored on any of our systems, and is entered directly by the customer into the SagePay system encrypted using the highest levels of encryption based on 256-bit SSL keys from Norton Verisign, which are also Extended Validation (EV) SSL Keys, meaning they have been specially audited by one of the large security firms, and have daily penetration testing on the site to make sure it is always secure.

It has also been scanned for weaknesses by Trustwave, a major IT security firm, on behalf of the major credit card companies, and been awarded certification to process card transactions. This PCI (Payment Card Industry) scanning for the credit card companies and the banks is extremely rigorous, and must be performed monthly, as well as meet many other tough and strict PCI targets including the encryption of all data, and making it pointless to steal any data since it will be scrambled and unreadable.

Also payment card information can never be seen by our staff except the last 4 digits of a card, and the data must be stored on more than one server meaning for example half the long number willl be on one server, and the remainder on the other. Again these are all encrypted using the strongest commercial grade encryption, and cannot be tampered with. At no stage does the payment information travel via the internet to SagePay. You can rest assured that payment security at Adini is at the highest levels it can possible be at. The SagePay systems are held behind multiple firewalls, anti-intrusion protection systems and anti-virus scanners, and cannot be accessed from outside their building.

Our website is held off site in a secure Tier One data centre with 24 hour security 365 days a year, biometric scanning so only the staff with the correct clearance can enter the right areas on systems that are protected by multiple firewalls, anti-intrusion protection systems and anti-virus scanners. If you have any questions about the strength or integrity of our security, please feel free to contact us.


The only personal information we ask from you are those needed to process and deliver your order successfully ie name, billing address and delivery address. We also ask for an email and phone number on the rare occasion there’s a problem with your a delivery problem and we need to call you to inform you.

Your email address also allows us to inform you of relevant news or offers that you can take advantage of. At any time you are able to opt out from being contacted by us this way. But be warned could miss out on special offers.

Your private information will never be disclosed to any third party outside of our business without your permission. We may however disclose certain information to credit agencies and other such groups in order to assist in the prevention and detection of fraud or crime, or the apprehension/prosecution of offenders, or as may be required by law or legal proceedings.


As part of new EU data regulations we must explain how cookies are used on our site. Cookies are tiny pieces of memory that contain information such as what product you added to your shopping bag so that the system knows what to checkout at the end. Our cookies never contain any sensitive information such as cardholder information or payment information, so you are totally safe when buying from Adini. If you would like further information about this or any other technical issue, please contact our technical team. There are 2 main types of cookies. The first type is a cookie that is only used on the site it is meant for. These are the cookies we use to track what users put in their shopping carts, to maintain the identity of logged in users once they login and so on. These are harmless but we need them to make the site work. Competitor sites also use Third Party cookies that track user's behaviour, sends them targeted ads and monitors their web usage, and may even sell this to marketing companies. We never use these cookies, so customers never have to worry about their data being used in such malicious ways when at Adini.

We always want your shopping experience at Adini to be enjoyable, fast, safe and totally secure!